Monday, May 7, 2012

Hairstyles with volume for long straight hair

Luscious long hair with lots of lush volume or lion "a la Brigitte Bardot" - popular hairstyle dropped straight hair with volume and modern this season. We saw it in the collections of Blumarine, Balmain, Chloe and Aquascutum during the show.
This hairstyle use a lot of stars - Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Dnefar Aniston, Megan Fox
Art director of Philips Haircare - Andy Ufels will show us how it is transmitted volume of long straight hair - a popular style in daily and evening option:
 Hairstyles for long hair

Dry your hair:
 Hairstyles for long hair
On clean, freshly washed and gently towel-dried hair apply foam. Make way in the middle. Then dry with a hairdryer and straighten your hair with your fingers.
For more volume - lift hair at the roots.
 Hairstyles for long hair
To keep the amount of straightening is best to start from the upper layers. Take a small lock, place the straightener in it as much as possible closer to the roots.
Then move along the curling locks as moving in an arc. This simple method will help to add volume while straighten.
Tips from stylist:
Most importantly, this hairstyle is hair - vibrant and volume 200 ° C is the recommended temperature range of the device for straightening. If overheating it will lose volume, which is necessary for this style.
Sealing Locks:

When the upper strands are prepared using clips fasten them up to prevent you while standing below, and to keep the volume.

When the hair is standing simply allow a natural bristle brush and fix it with hairspray.
The ends of the strands may turn in or out as you like. Produced volume cool hairstyle, suitable for everyday and special occasions:
To make this style is used:
Straightener hair dryer PHILIPS

Hairstyles for long hair

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