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Trendy hairstyles for your long hair

Take to the coolest parties with your long sexy hair. These ideas for hairstyles for long hair will help you to be always different for each one Areas rep. Find out what the latest fashion trends to stay fashionable this season.
long haircuts

 Long hair can easily become dull and lifeless. According to professional hairdressers secret of good looking long hair is her preliminary support. Select appropriate products for your hair type and experimented with different hairstyles. Add femininity and sophistication to your look by choosing one of these amazing styles that are modern in 2012.

Bring your long hair and select one of the latest fashion trends. Shredded long hair can be your most valuable accessory, if you know how to use it. Pamper your hair with nourishing masks and serums for the volume to get a stunning look. Select dryer that Shadi your hair and you must Cut flowering tips. Add waves to your hair using a curling iron or rollers.

 Locks are a wonderful option that allows you to highlight your hair. Straight thick bangs is one option that will surely make your hair more edgy and modern. Shredded hair from the front of your head will repay your face. Select one of our stylish designs and will be the star of all events.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cool hairstyles for long hair

Unlock the imagination of a great collection of hairstyles for long hair. Add life and luster to your hair or long extension with a few tricks inspired by professionals.
Experiment with special design styles that will introduce you. These great ideas for hairstyles for long hair will give you the necessary motivation to complete change of your appearance. One of the advantages of these hairstyles is their versatility.

Whatever the shape of your face, you can try all the new trends in hair styles, inspired by professional hairdressers. Forget about the minimalist style that was fashionable last year. Time to hone your hairdressing skills and try out different products which allow you to wear stylish long hair or extensions.
The only thing you need to do to recreate the latest fashion trends is to grab your set of beauty tools. Look carefully at the small but important details of these modern styles to make sure that you can make them yourself. Recreate the hairstyles according to your unique features and hair type. Natural forms and natural vision is only part of the statutory phrases constantly developing new trends in hairstyles. The key to success is proper preparation, which includes well-kept and healthy hair. Different types of braids will help you to change your vision in different ways every time you go out. Hone your skills with a few workouts and stick to styles that suit your skills.

Add more femininity to your appearance with these diverse and modern styles. Use hair accessories, such as your best helper in making a new modern haircut. Long hair can often be too boring and ordinary. Time to complete your personal collection of hairclips, scarves and hair bands with such a more interesting design. Explore the most creative ways to add advanced accessories to your everyday or formal hairstyle. Make your hair shiny and well-formed, adding a little serum or hairspray with shine to it.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sexy summer hairstyles for long hair 2012

Highlight your overall look with one of those sexy summer hairstyles. Trust the services of a professional to get one of these modern and sexy styles.

Long shapeless hair is no longer modern. Discover the magical effect of perfectly styled hair in curls. Give your life chopped layers by choosing one of these sexy styles. The creation of volume and shape of your hair is not as difficult. All you need are basic styling products. If you do not want to spend money on expensive beauty salons, learn it yourself do these stunning hairstyles, which believe me is not that difficult.

summer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hair

Whether you want a modern flat style or want to take advantage of the flexibility of chopped hair, let's look at some of the latest hairstyles for summer 2012, we have chosen for you. These styles are made from real professionals and big names in the industry. Living hair natural shine and are one of the key signs of a healthy, well-maintained hair. Keep your hair in perfect shape without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. To achieve these styles you will need hot rollers, hair straighteners and spray volume.

Add a big dose of luxury and sophistication to your style, using high-quality hair straighteners or hot rollers. Make a beautiful lush curls, which can emphasize the romantic side. Learn how to make relaxed curls and waves without using tons of styling products. Keep the natural look of your hair and limit yourself to the primary hair products. Use only a small amount of crystals and spray volume, which can give a good basis of hair. After making curls his fingers gently pass through them to create additional volume. Select the format of your hair so as to highlight the most beautiful features of his face. Both the right and asymmetric haircuts a great stay, combined with various accessories.

summer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hair

Super long hair rights can create a stunning impression. To do this press your hair use hair and a small amount of smoothing cream or crystals to smooth her hair perfectly. Healthy hair looks amazing when faced with good press. Get maximum results by selecting a perfect fit for your hair. Bangs to one side also remain very topical in the summer. But if you want something more extravagant, it must choose thick bangs make that have the power to completely change any vision. Consider all possible alternatives before taking any action. These wonderful suggestions will definitely help you in choosing the perfect summer style.

summer hairstyles for long hairsummer hairstyles for long hair

Monday, June 11, 2012

Top 10 hairstyles for 2012

Top hairstyles for 2012, it is worth to pay attention this season, we should note curls and waves. Romance is the hit of the season. Important note: curls and curls should be very tight and separated. Otherwise, your style will remind youth of the time your mother. Or do you look like a shop in the 70s. The hair ... is that part of the body that most pain can undergo numerous transformations: haircuts, coloring, perming, extensions, etc. The advantage is that even after a relatively unsuccessful experiments mane grows again. Modern trends of the new season offer hairstyles for every taste and for every hair type.

To begin with long hair. It is believed that long hair is allowed to be worn in two ways disbanded (the day when they are washed) and tied in a ponytail or a knot (the other days). Recently shallow excluded from the repertoire because moldiness. But it is time to end this deception. There are extremely versatile range of hairstyles for long hair, but now in 2012 they are more fashionable than ever. top hairstyles 2012
Back sleek hair is very sexy
Sleek back. To achieve this type of iron dry hair back with styling gel and napraskayto with plenty of polish.
Voluminous hair is always sexy
Many volume. Voluminous hair is always sexy. Apply the foam volume at the roots and dry with a large round brush.
Time away
The road side. You can easily create a stylish hairstyle without much effort. Varzzhete your hair taut and spread cc gel. Then aside and make way
Tapered bangs
Tapered bangs. This season, wear bangs just above the eyebrows and cut in strong lines cross.
Straight hair is always sexy and chic
Super Rights. Always sexy and chic. Dry with a straight brush and finish with straighteners.
Make lush curls
Curls.Nanesete sculpted foam or special cream hair to form waves on wet hair, including on the roots.
Fleece is very up to date this season
Lush mane. Apply a styling product in roots and hair length. Dry chaotic with her head down.
Lifted hair with volume
Lifted up hair. But let's have volume! Tupirayte slightly in the roots and give a playful look.
Arranged in typical French style
Twisted hair. Arranged in typical French style. To achieve this result, let freedom above and adhere to the hair from both sides with a little pomade.
Lift hair barrette
Comb your hair back, lift and a barrette clip.
Best hairstyles for 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Easy to Do Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

A woman that has long hair is always so gorgeous to look at whatever hairstyles for long hair. It is not that hard to style your long lovely locks and all you really need are some great imagination and a sense of style to be able to create a hairstyle all of your own.

There are actually different kinds of tools and accessories that you can use to create a great hair design for your hair as there are hairstyles for long hair. The tools and accessories can help you do your hair even if you are going to a very formal event, casual, or just want to hang around with friends while looking so cute and pretty.

Beach Look Hair

The beach look hair is one of the hairstyles for long hair that is great to wear when taking a stroll or going to a mall while maintaining that chic look. It can go well with any dress style or in pants.

If you have long or medium hair, this style is perfect. You will need light hold spray, big bobby pins, curling iron, and shine spray for that extra dramatic effect.

You will need to flip hair and lightly spray it underneath and onto the top while your finger tousle the hair as you wait for it to dry.

Gather your bangs and put a bobby pin as you iron-curl the ends of your hair starting from the level near your ear. Curl your hair by gathering locks as thick as your smallest finger.

Free your bangs and style your hair by securing your hair at each side using bobby pins. Gently shake your hair but do not run your fingers through it, just make the curls messy. Keep hairs away from your face while securing it softly at the sides with the help of bobby pins.

Finish with shine spray for that added appeal.

Side Bun Hairstyle

This style can also work as a regular bun (on the middle) or by putting it on either side of the nape to create side bun. You will need a hair accessory to make it lovelier. You will also need hair shine spray, elastic band, and comb.

Part your hair in front on either side or middle to create a sleek and clean look. Put some hair shine on your comb to tame the flyaway as you comb your hair. Secure your hair with an elastic band creating a ponytail. Roll it up in a bun on the side and add the hair accessory to keep the bun in place.

Catwoman's Hairdo for long hair

It looks very stylish, but it is so easy to do. You will need curling iron, hairspray, comb, and bobby pins. Using your comb, make a partition on your hair. Gather all the hair on the right side (leaving the back free) and twist it up while keeping everything on that side only then secure it with a bobby pin while letting the free strands join the rest of the locks at the back. Spray for extra hold. Do it on the left side too.

You may need more than one bobby pin to keep it secured. Curl the free hair to create soft fluffy mane using iron curl.

Essentials for Do it Yourself Hairdo

Never forget the reliable hairspray, different hair accessories, hair shine, curling iron, hair iron, bands, and whatever hair products that you think will help you achieve the looks that you want. It is better if you will keep different kinds of brushes and combs when trying different hairstyles for long hair.

Your mane is your crown so make sure that you have everything that will make you proud about it. Keeping a long hair will prove to be more beneficial than time consuming.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

You are able to uncover a sizable quantity of suggestions about simple techniques to complete hairstyles for medium hair from the web. You are able to create use of a few recommendations on how you can do hairstyles for medium hair. Discovering the very best suggestions on discover how you can do hairstyles for medium hair is truly simple. Layering is among the greatest methods to carry out the beauty of medium hair lengths. Manage hair via the usage of helpful hair care goods and obtaining regular hair trims to preserve split ends. Whilst selecting 1 out of much more than a couple of prom hairstyles for lengthy hair, you'll have to preserve your character in thoughts. Ladies can select in between all sorts of prom hairstyles for lengthy hair. In the event you might have lengthy hair then your prom hairstyle ought to attempt to consist of lengthy spiral curls or comfy waves.
Lengthy hair may also be worn up however, the fad for lengthy hair could be to place on it down and cushy. Nevertheless, you would like to seek the guidance of a hair style expert ahead of going for 1 of those style. It depends upon the way you location up your hair and style it. The current hair designs of as of late's don't require nicely combed hair. Curls and buns are simultaneously conceivable with medium period hair. Teens with medium hair period have loads of options within the situation of fashionable, sophisticated hairstyles. Choppy medium length hairstyles provide a fresh as much as date side towards the hair. Choppy hairstyles might have fairly a great deal of combinations just like a mixture of choppy lower with layers, uneven bangs, and also the like.
You'll see lots of conceivable hairstyles on much more than a couple of internet pages which you will game. Aside from the whole hairstyles funky, cool and current colour methods are also captivating for much more than a couple of medium hairdos. When it entails hairstyles , medium haircuts are a number of widespread and dominant. At this point medium haircuts resolve all of the problems associated with hairstyles and hair dos. Produce formal appears for medium duration haircuts via adding excellent hair accessories. Produce a alot much more formal seem by indicates of adding plant life and bejeweled hair clips. The hair might also be organized inside a bun and plant life might also be added. In the event you determine to go for an sophisticated reduce, your hair might be organized inside the type of plates.

sorts consist of chic reduce, boho waves or curly hair. Longer hair may be worn with curls, waves, or swish to supply numerous hairstyles. Longer hair may also be worn inside the extremely talked-about updos and chignons. An additional benefit is the fact that medium hair suits just about every kind of face, whether or not oval, obese, round or lengthy. Additional, many girls have distinctive type and length in their hair. Verify out these numerous help below and discover if they match your hair persona. and that your hair suits your character!. Hair colours and hair highlights are also charming within this day and age. Do it up with hair pins and watch the alter for the appear.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cute Hairstyles For Lengthy Hair

There could be a time whenever you really feel that your hairstyles are totally dull, in specific whenever you have lengthy hair. Believe more than funky hairstyles for lengthy hair. Initial actions to acquire cool funky hairstyles are decided by way from the type of hair you have to have. Funky hairstyles frequently take an excellent deal of cuts on hair. All of those hairstyles regardless which are generally excellent in case your small lady features a medium to lengthy hair length. 

 Taking the brief hairstyles as an option of medium is really a large step for any lady with lengthy hair. Numerous girls are expanding their hair really lengthy or else they are decreasing it extremely brief. Beside bob reduce, pixie reduce might be a well-known hair lower for short-haired females this present day. The fairly a couple of frequent coiffure employed to this kind of hair length is bob cut. This much more or much less hair is excellent in case your daughter features a instantly and graceful hair type.
The kind of your hair defines who you're as well as your character. Get a piece of hair from the bigger parting and pin it up having a adorable hair slide. By imposing this hairstyle on your hair, distinctive image may also be developed. The numerous essential factor on this kinds maybe resolve the length of hair for the cause that it all of the time distinctive every other's. Fluff your hair out in in between every holder using the intention to create the beautiful bubble form. Bubble Pony - The bubble pony is generally a style which has develop to become pretty well-liked. Crazy Crimps - This really is some other style that might be pretty typical nowadays. This style is reflecting somebody's identification. Usually use your creativeness as soon as thinking of funky style introduction. Funky hairstyles truly categorical your persona.
Making diverse funky hairstyles is really a large step and desires a few bravery. You are able to mix up fairly a great deal of variables of hairstyles for creating a particular widely utilized and various appear. Beside accessories and clothes, making a few adorable hairstyles for the lady can also be some thing fascinating. Getting a child lady is one thing that the majority females believe pleased about. Just attempt some thing unusual in spite of this however on the street. The hairstyles ceaselessly appear daring and ordinary, getting stated that then once more daring and fashionable. The hairstyles want a much better cut if it's choppy, graceful, cute, or bold. It implies that the additional you practice the hairstyles, the simpler the outcome shall be. Whilst on this second, you might believe it is time to alter your hairstyles.
Do not be afraid if few words all of the time come with each other together with your hairstyles for the cause that it relies on individual option. Be cost-free and do not be afraid to precise oneself. You would not need to uncover haircut. As to a girl with fairly brief hair, you might also wish to do some experiments with her haircut. Brief hairstyle is certainly greatest for all kinds of hair. It is not as straightforward and spontaneous to make a brief messy curly hairstyle as other people really feel. It is official, curly hair is back and it's right here to stick - correctly, a minimal of to get a while. Brush the front of one's hair back and secure it with an elastic band. Fundamental goods to create use of are hair wax, clay, or paste.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Effortless Hairstyles For Prolonged Hair

You will discover a substantial quantity of tips about the way in which to try and do hairstyles for medium hair from your online. You are able to produce usage of a few suggestions around the ideal strategy to do hairstyles for medium hair. Obtaining the ideal recommendations on the way in which to try and do hairstyles for mddium hair is quite simple. Layering is without doubt one of the finest approaches to bring out the terrific point about medium hair lengths.

 Yet another advantage is the fact that medium hair fits virtually each and every form of encounter, irrespective of no matter whether oval, obese, spherical or lengthy. Curls and buns are as well conceivable with medium period hair. The latest hair varieties of today's do not will need to have neatly combed hair. Get it done up with hair pins and observe the transform in your physical appearance. They've got an excellent wanting up and down appear that involves the person's lips, eyes and facial options solely correctly.

 There are various sorts that may crank out you appear chic at perform portraying appealing-looking facial functions. Certain types include precision cuts, layered and razored hairstyles or the alot extra traditional one particular period seem. Layered and razored cuts regularly will have to have styling merchandise in addition to a bit of additional try to convey out quite possibly the most productive search. Modify remaining year's polished seem by guarding the highest half from the tresses simple as well as bottom element matted. For exaggerated influence, you are going to have the ability to perform a deep aspect-part. Give your hair bun a somewhat of adaptation and push it a lot more than to one element. It will depend on the way in which by which you location up your hair and type it. It not only appears to be wonderful still it truly is vitally quite simple to design and style in only a number of minutes.

 You could observe using the following guidelines and finish up various forms of hairstyles each day. This would provide you with tousled suggestions. Gradually you will have that exclusively horny look in the exact same time as partying in conjunction with your favored buddies. Apply mouse for the damp mane and tousle the roots even as routinely blow drying. A major round brush should be utilised with all the graceful blow-dry from your roots to your chin. You allow it to dry after which even though you place off the braid, you uncover ideal doable uniform waves. Never place from your thoughts, however that you just require waves, not curls. Romantic waves rated 4 in the scale of for wildness.

A different advantage of the graceful prolonged hairstyle is you are going to have the ability to put on it in on any instance. Right here are numerous certain styles as a way to show you what is going to become delightful inside the coming months. Safe the tail by means of wrapping it across the base, forming a bun. Bobby pin a few phase and allow tiny wispy piece slip out. Divide into four section, while hair stays to become reasonably warm and begin out braiding every single. Type a great weave by means of crisscrossing 1 phase over the opposite. This twelve months, go for 11 and you'd99 by no signifies pass mistaken up to now as trend is anxious.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hair tips for everyone

Why a tick checklist of hair suggestions on washing and shampooing hair? Definitely it's some thing the vast majority do continually with out considering. That might be so , but negligence or stupidity within this region of hair care can truly do harm.

Make sure you observe these recommendations when selecting and employing a hair shampoo:

Hair Tip

Shampoo your hair
continuously to help keep the hair clean and also the scalp wholesome. Dependent around the atmosphere by which you function and reside, even washing your hair as soon as each day won't harm the hair so lengthy while you use leading high quality mild shampoo that doesn't strip all of the sebum in the hair. (Sebum will be the all-natural oil created within the hair follicle which features a all-natural disinfectant and protects the scalp from infection.)

Hair Tip
Do not use soap in your hair. Soap is as well harsh and especially when utilized in your hair in difficult water locations it could leave a sticky residue. Experimenting having a spread of high quality shampoos created for the hair kind will assist you to arrive at 1 which you are Okay with and that leaves your hair clean and shiny.

Hair Tip

Wash your hair in warmed up water and
make certain you give time for that hair to soak totally prior to applying the shampoo. As sebum is really a all-natural oil it'll not melt in cold water.

Hair Tip
Place a slosh of shampoo within the palm of one's hand relative towards the length of one's hair and spread it in between each hands. Now spread it more than your head by stroking the shampoo via your hair to make sure even coverage.

Hair Tip
Make use of the balls from the fingers (not fingertips) to softly massage the scalp while you apply the hair shampoo. This gets the shampoo correct in to the hair root. Spend a lot of interest towards the hairline and give it some additional time as dust can lodge within this region.

Hair Tip

occasions you only have to apply the shampoo as soon as, especially in the event you wash your hair frequently. Unless of course you didn't get a great lather the very first time or when the hair is particularly unclean ought to a 2nd software of shampoo be mandatory.

Hair Tip 7

Be stringent with rinsing your hair. It
ought to be carried out below operating water and make certain you employ a great deal of it! Remainder shampoo left within the hair might trigger harm.

Hair Tip

Dab or pat your hair
having a towel to obtain rid of excess water or moisture. Do not rub having a towel to prevent damaging or breaking the hair. Keep in mind, wet hair is frail hair.

Hair Tip 9
Utilizing a pH balanced shampoo can assist assure you do not harm it unconsciously. A pH (possible hydrogen) stability of in between four.five to five.five is really a great manual indicating the shampoo is somewhat acidic, matching the pH cost of one's hair and sebum. A shampoo having a higher alkaline content material, whilst appearing to create the hair thicker, can really harm the surface from the hair.

Hair Tip

aware from the components within the shampoo you select and look at the label punctiliously.

Fruit additives can
assist hydrate the hair.

Perfumed and coloured shampoos can in
1 or two examples trigger irritated skin so be ready to attempt an additional if this occurs.Whilst you can be nearly convinced to utilise a shampoo that consists of proteins, and doubtless it could frequently assist the hair, if you're worried about your hair obtaining sufficient proteins, spend much more discover for your diet plan and feed the hair in the within, a far much more satisfactory method to assist your hair than including proteins in the outdoors!


The hair tip
verify checklist over will do a lot that will help you use hair shampoo effectively. Select your hair care goods wisely.

On that note, a Toronto
primarily based business known as Nisim International continues to be concerned with hair science for more than twenty many years. They've an exceptional variety of hair care goods which have skilled intensive testing and study and that are extremely favorable for the hair.

Best hairstyle trends with long hair

Lengthy hairstyles are usually provides a beautiful appear and improves the persanality. Using the assist from the lengthy hairs we are able to do numerous kinds from the hairstyles that are matched towards the face form, hair and a lot of issues that are closely inter associated using the hair. Lengthy hairstyles consist of lengthy layers, plenty of face-framing layers, some curly designs are obtaining fantastic press coverage also.

The lengthy hair type is hot, and that's why numerous ladies favour to put on lengthy, free-flowing twist instead than the well-liked brief designs from the day.From days with lengthy, flowing, soft tresses that gently move using the breeze from the wind to these elegant dinners together with your hair bundled up inside a elegant manner, lengthy hair designs are just ideal methods to display off your lengthy, stunning hair.
The texture of one's hair plays a really essential function within the kind of lengthy hair type you select. It's extremely essential in the event you make the individual dedication to develop your hair lengthy which you do all of the correct issues which consists of a lot of issues that are associated using the every day regimen. In case your have hair that's presently chin length and want it to become beneath your bra - consider a ruler and measure the area in between exactly where your hair is presently and exactly where you would like it to become. Lengthy hairstyles ought to have plenty of all-natural texture, flirtatious flips and lengthy loose layers whether or not your hairstyle is straight, wavy or curly. Lengthy hairstyles permits you to allow down your hair, location it in pony tails, and bunch it up in decorative styles.
Suggestions for  haircut with long hair
To help keep lengthy hair searching shiny and soft and attain the very best looing lengthy hair designs, you will find sources to numerous hair care goods also as house treatments. Usually apply conditioner in the ears down - by no means situation the scalp. Usually try and appreciate your lengthy hair because it requires a great deal of time for you to develop and consider care of those lengthy appealing locks. This hairstyle functions with any kind of hair that may be curly, straight or perhaps wavy.
Selected lengthy hairstyles simply because these colours are extraordinary on lengthy hair, plus you are able to see the colour much better. Seeing lengthy hair that shines and shimmers below the light is usually a good scene. An easy wave could make you hair appear good and complete of physique. It's extremely essential what you consume, because it really does impact your hair. Hair is produced up of ninety % a-keratin protein and 10 % water. Because of this stay away from crash diet programs or reduced protein diet programs. Lengthy hair provides a variety of hairstyle choices, that other hair lengths don't. A layered lengthy hairstyle is really a extremely versatile reduce that provides definition towards the face.
Lengthy hairstyles are usually provides a beautiful appear and improves the persanality. Using the assist from the lengthy hairs we are able to do numerous kinds from the hairstyles that are matched towards the face form, hair and a lot of issues that are closely inter associated using the hair.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hairstyles with volume for long straight hair

Luscious long hair with lots of lush volume or lion "a la Brigitte Bardot" - popular hairstyle dropped straight hair with volume and modern this season. We saw it in the collections of Blumarine, Balmain, Chloe and Aquascutum during the show.
This hairstyle use a lot of stars - Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Dnefar Aniston, Megan Fox
Art director of Philips Haircare - Andy Ufels will show us how it is transmitted volume of long straight hair - a popular style in daily and evening option:
 Hairstyles for long hair

Dry your hair:
 Hairstyles for long hair
On clean, freshly washed and gently towel-dried hair apply foam. Make way in the middle. Then dry with a hairdryer and straighten your hair with your fingers.
For more volume - lift hair at the roots.
 Hairstyles for long hair
To keep the amount of straightening is best to start from the upper layers. Take a small lock, place the straightener in it as much as possible closer to the roots.
Then move along the curling locks as moving in an arc. This simple method will help to add volume while straighten.
Tips from stylist:
Most importantly, this hairstyle is hair - vibrant and volume 200 ° C is the recommended temperature range of the device for straightening. If overheating it will lose volume, which is necessary for this style.
Sealing Locks:

When the upper strands are prepared using clips fasten them up to prevent you while standing below, and to keep the volume.

When the hair is standing simply allow a natural bristle brush and fix it with hairspray.
The ends of the strands may turn in or out as you like. Produced volume cool hairstyle, suitable for everyday and special occasions:
To make this style is used:
Straightener hair dryer PHILIPS

Hairstyles for long hair

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hairstyles For Long Hair Spring / Summer 2012

Long Hair Trends Spring / Summer 2012
For spring-summer 2012 hairstyles with hair dropped are very modern. Hairdressers of the leading brands all showed variations during the reviews for the new season - elegant soft waves, natural hair in casual long style beach hair with streaks of chips, wet hair, shiny hair with high forehead, big curls and hair on one side, casual hairstyles with time in the middle, etc. etc.
Long Hair Trends Spring / Summer 2012

Consider what are the trends for long hair dropped:

Trend # 1 - Natural VisionSimple ideas for everyday hairstyles Most brands showed hair with natural vision in presenting their collections for next season.
When Giles and Givenchy hair looks very natural - long, brittle and slightly ruffled:
Burberry and Chloe show wavy hair combed the way through the middle, slightly split ends in hair urban style, perfect for stylish girls:

In Theyksen long hair is in layers and strands stand on pegs. At the top we find the time in the middle. Isabel Marant shows the beach with hair disheveled locks, good idea for holidays or for ladies who love casual-elegant style:

Trend # 2 - wavy stylesgood ideas for evening hair styles with dropped At Versace and D & G hair is gorgeous, airy and very bulky. We see the typical wavy hairstyles with volume that looks so sexy:

How to make a similar hairstyle with volume can be seen in this thread.
Betsey Johnson is a good idea for evening hair style "Barbie" - with curls and big hair to one side. Anna Sui showed shiny hair style "Hollywood" with soft waves: Trend # 3 - Road through the middleThis trend had last season and for spring-summer 2012 is presented more extensively in recent collections. If you have never worn her hair in the middle of the road, do it this season. Scary is modern, and what easier to change from this: /img> Trend # 4 - Road to one sideAlthough less time styling with a country's present in the collections for spring-summer 2012, here are some ideas:
When Celine hair straight and shiny, brushed to one side. Ellie Saab showed wavy styles with sleek upper hair combed to one side of the road:
Betsey Johnson presented attractive hairstyle with large curls on one side, and at J Mendel turned off hair passes through the person:
Hairstyles with long hair turned to one side Trend # 5 - sleek hair shiny effectWith the help of hair styling products is sleek and turned completely backwards. Similar styles shown: Felder Felder, Giambattista Valli, BCBG - Max Azria and others:

Trend # 6 - Wet Hair Some brands to launch new season styles with "wet look". The hair is drawn, combed through the middle of the road or off, and in some cases tied in a ponytail or bun harvested.

The next issue will look at more styles with wet hair from the new collections. We end today a selection of ideas for long hair with modern hair colors that we saw in the reviews for Spring-Summer 2012
Hair Color Generally dominated by bright hair, which is normal to the trend of warmer months. If you decide to refresh your hair color or you want change, see what designers show:
Blondes Blonde this season is presented in a complete range - from light ash blonde and platinum, in rich golden blond to dark blond with auburn shades:
Brunette For spring-summer 2012 is black with soft hues. Black hair are red, purple or brown shades.
Black Hair Trends Spring / Summer 2012
Hazel Brown for the new season in a very wide range. The prevailing warm tones and bright colors - maroon with red or rusolyavi shades.

In conclusion, we can add that hairstyles for long hair are really sexy and with a hair dropped very feminine. It is also made easy with most of them we can do yourself. Ideal as a casual employee hairstyles for girls are having great evening hairstyles for romantic ladies.
I hope the selection of nice hair are usefull for you and give you good ideas with which to diversify its vision for the new season.