Saturday, June 9, 2012

Easy to Do Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

A woman that has long hair is always so gorgeous to look at whatever hairstyles for long hair. It is not that hard to style your long lovely locks and all you really need are some great imagination and a sense of style to be able to create a hairstyle all of your own.

There are actually different kinds of tools and accessories that you can use to create a great hair design for your hair as there are hairstyles for long hair. The tools and accessories can help you do your hair even if you are going to a very formal event, casual, or just want to hang around with friends while looking so cute and pretty.

Beach Look Hair

The beach look hair is one of the hairstyles for long hair that is great to wear when taking a stroll or going to a mall while maintaining that chic look. It can go well with any dress style or in pants.

If you have long or medium hair, this style is perfect. You will need light hold spray, big bobby pins, curling iron, and shine spray for that extra dramatic effect.

You will need to flip hair and lightly spray it underneath and onto the top while your finger tousle the hair as you wait for it to dry.

Gather your bangs and put a bobby pin as you iron-curl the ends of your hair starting from the level near your ear. Curl your hair by gathering locks as thick as your smallest finger.

Free your bangs and style your hair by securing your hair at each side using bobby pins. Gently shake your hair but do not run your fingers through it, just make the curls messy. Keep hairs away from your face while securing it softly at the sides with the help of bobby pins.

Finish with shine spray for that added appeal.

Side Bun Hairstyle

This style can also work as a regular bun (on the middle) or by putting it on either side of the nape to create side bun. You will need a hair accessory to make it lovelier. You will also need hair shine spray, elastic band, and comb.

Part your hair in front on either side or middle to create a sleek and clean look. Put some hair shine on your comb to tame the flyaway as you comb your hair. Secure your hair with an elastic band creating a ponytail. Roll it up in a bun on the side and add the hair accessory to keep the bun in place.

Catwoman's Hairdo for long hair

It looks very stylish, but it is so easy to do. You will need curling iron, hairspray, comb, and bobby pins. Using your comb, make a partition on your hair. Gather all the hair on the right side (leaving the back free) and twist it up while keeping everything on that side only then secure it with a bobby pin while letting the free strands join the rest of the locks at the back. Spray for extra hold. Do it on the left side too.

You may need more than one bobby pin to keep it secured. Curl the free hair to create soft fluffy mane using iron curl.

Essentials for Do it Yourself Hairdo

Never forget the reliable hairspray, different hair accessories, hair shine, curling iron, hair iron, bands, and whatever hair products that you think will help you achieve the looks that you want. It is better if you will keep different kinds of brushes and combs when trying different hairstyles for long hair.

Your mane is your crown so make sure that you have everything that will make you proud about it. Keeping a long hair will prove to be more beneficial than time consuming.

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